The Brigham Young University (BYU) Young Ambassadors are one of BYU’s touring dance groups. This group focuses on Music Dance Theater, commonly presenting a Broadway Revue style show. They tour with a tech team of six: a technical director, stage manager, audio engineer, master electrician, a backstage audio technician (A2), and a stage technician (deck crew). They also feature a show band consisting of a drum set, keys, bass, and guitar.

I worked with them in their 2022 touring season as their A2, and previously as an alternate/swinging A2 in January 2019 and Winter 2021. The A2 position is in charge of the onstage equipment, helping to ensure mics are placed correctly, keeping audio equipment is maintained, and troubleshooting any backstage audio equipment issues that come up during a show.

The BYU Young Ambassadors tour domestically with a Yamaha QL5 mixing console, a L’Acoustics PA system, a Shure Axient mic system, as well as a Yamaha Rio box for the live band input.