This project was an educational exploration into the production of radio dramas. A project headed by producer/director Stephanie Breinholt, the goal of the Vintage Broadcast Podcast team was to produce eight 30-minute radio dramas over the course of a 14-week semester. The production team and cast for this project were made up of students from Brigham Young University’s Theater Arts Studies and Acting programs.

My involvement in this project was in its first season where I was part of the audio team. The audio team was made up of five people, who cycled weekly between the positions of sound designer, mixer/engineer, recording masters (studio gurus), and next week designer.

The responsibilities of each position is as follows:

  • Sound Designer
    • Communicate with director
    • Finalize effects, music, etc. for current show
    • Direct Mixer/Engineer though edits to the mix
    • Final overview of mix before release
  • Mixer/Engineer
    • Combine and mix sound design and recorded vocal materials
    • Mix edits under the direction of sound designer and director
    • Finalize mix for release
  • Recording Masters (Studio Gurus)
    • Record Company Talent and any guests for the week
    • Cut/clean, EQ, and prep of audio tracks for mixer/engineer
  • Next Week Designer
    • Communicate with Director
    • Create/pull all SFX, music, etc. for upcoming show

BYU Vintage Broadcast Podcast

Season 1 Company (Winter 2021)

Production Team

  • Producer/Director: Stephanie Breinholt
  • Assistant Director: Jenna Adams
  • Audio Team Lead: Grant Porter
  • Audio 2: Gabriella Warnick
  • Audio 3: Tiffany Parker
  • Audio 4: Kathryn Black
  • Audio 5: Patrick Egbert


  • Sten Shearer
  • Ian Buckley
  • Elliot Sweeney
  • Michael Ballif
  • Brynn Allred
  • Sadie Veach
  • Freja Jorgensen
  • Justine Kitteringham