Set in 1940s Canada, World Without End follows the story of newly wed Mary Jordan as she comes to term with her husband’s death in the war, and the possibility of raising a child alone.

When discussing the possible directions to take the design of this radio play, our company’s director and I agreed that we needed to offer a nod to the original radio play produced in the 1940s, but we also wanted to seize the opportunity to present our own interpretation on the piece.

One of the things we decided to focus on was distinguishing the various locations and times, and that was implemented by utilizing music and sound effects to achieve this. We utilized music that helped to establish the location being visited by the characters, as well as the mood of the scene, utilizing additional sound effects to help reinforce the setting and help the narrative move.

This show was an experiment of balancing period and contemporary techniques to create a piece that felt period, but utilized a slightly more modern design.


This show was a part of BYU’s Vintage Broadcast Podcast.

World Without End was written by True Boardman, and originally aired in 1949 as part of the Family Theater radio show produced by Family Radio Productions.